New Fiesta Pod Table Lamps by Providence Art Glass and Lighting

Just in time for Spring! Our new Fiesta Pod Lamps combine all of our favorite things! Mod design, practicality, and eye candy. Plus stellar craftsmanship by fabricator, Terence Dubreuil. Each lamp is hand crafted in our 35oo Square foot studio in a historic mill building in Central Falls, RI.

Our Medium Fiesta Pods offer a little more in terms of style and size. Powder coated steel in Flamingo colors can be matched with a rainbow of color cord options. The result is a trio of colors that will perk any desk or bedside table. Finish these off with an Edison filament bulb of your choice. Built to last. Crafted and tested for superior function.

Large Fiesta Pod Table Lamp

Our Large Fiesta Pod consists of three pods on a single powder coated steel base. A bespoke showcase lamp with three sprouts, each with it's own personality. Like the others, colors and cords and be customized to your style and decor. One of a kind hand crafted lighting by Terence Dubreuil. Fabricated in Central Falls, RI.

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